When to have a Consultation
You may feel you don't know what to do or what the next step is to support your child, and need some help or advice.
A Parent Consultation with an experienced professional can give you that valuable time to talk through your concerns about your child's learning and how to support them best. Every situation is different and a consultation can provide tailored support and advice to make sense of your personal situation and how to move forward.
Advice and strategies may relate to practical issues such as:
- supporting reading, spelling, writing and numeracy
-  what can be expected from school, and how to speak to staff at your child's school
- when to approach other professionals
- maintaining self-esteem and confidence
- how and when to change school
- when is assessment necessary and useful
- how to manage the route into secondary education
- how to approach the GCSE years and onward progression to sixth form
Our professionals aim to empower parents to feel positive and confident in how best to navigate future obstacles and setbacks.
Where and when does the consultation take place
A member of our team will contact you to arrange your consultation which will be held by phone or video call.
A consultation lasts for 45 minutes.  The fee is £75.
For new enquiries from 1 February, if you go on to book an assessment for your child, the cost of the consultation will be deducted from the assessment fee.
A proportion of the fee that you pay helps us to provide subsidised consultations to lower-income families. This means nobody is excluded from getting the help they need. Thank you very much for your help and support. 
Please note that when making an enquiry, there is the option for anyone to request bursary support.
Our professionals
Our professionals are highly experienced in working with children with learning difficulties, and in supporting parents. They hold specialist qualifications in this field and are able to advise on all aspects of dyslexia and literacy/numeracy.
Information we will need
If you do make an enquiry for a consultation, we will ask you to complete a Family Questionnaire. If your child is about to start or is taking their GCSE or A Level courses, we will need them to complete a Year 9-13 Questionnaire.

Make an enquiry

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